The Malmesbury team:
Defenders: Jo, Peter, Angus, Max
Midfield: Charlie, Ben, Josh, Ryan
Attack: George, Jasper
Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Linesman: Andy Booth
Catering by: Julie Cain assisted by Alison Marsh.

Today’s game is against Mere who last time out beat Malmesbury. The referee blows his whistle and Mere kick off. An early attack by Malmesbury and Ryan passes to Charlie, Charlie is in on goal shoots and scores.
GOAL 1 – 0

Mere attack down the left and a great ball to the centre and Mere score
GOAL 1 – 1

Charlie gets an injury and is replaced by Sam.
Great midfield passing between Angus and Josh leads to a ball in to the box but this is cleared by Mere.
Mere go on the attack but good defending by Pete stops the threat, Malmesbury concede a corner. Mere take the corner but it is cleared by Max. Mere attack and their striker is one on one with Harry but shoots wide.
Mere continue in an attacking mood but more great defensive work by Pete stops the danger. The game swings and Malmesbury attack and Mere concede a corner. George takes a corner into the box and several shots follow but they are all cleared by Mere.
Malmesbury return to attack, great passing between George, Ben and Jasper, Jasper shoots and scores.
GOAL 2 – 1

A midfield battle ensues as the game swings to and fro. Ryan picks up the ball in midfield and shoots from 20 yards but it is wide. Mere return to the attack but Pete heads out to clear the danger.
A great pass by Ryan to Jasper but keeper gets there first and collects the ball. Mere hit a ball over the top but Pete clears.
Mere play through the middle but a great tackle by Angus snuffs out the danger. A concerted period of attack by Mere follows with continued great defending by the Malmesbury defence. Malmesbury return to the attack with a great through ball by Max to Jasper, and Mere concede a corner. The Malmesbury corner crosses the box and out for a throw in.
Mere attack down the left wing and slip past the Malmesbury defence and the striker is in on goal but Harry saves. The Mere corner passes through the Malmesbury box missing everyone – a big sigh of relief from the Malmesbury supporters. Malmesbury concede two further corners but these are dealt with by the Malmesbury defence.
A period of head tennis ensues but then Mere break out and shoot but a great save by Harry. Mere attack again and is not cleared by Malmesbury and Mere score.
GOAL 2 – 2

George is withdrawn and Charlie returns to the fray.
A throw in from Ben sends Jasper on a run down the right wing followed by a great battling by Jo but Mere stop the attack. In midfield tussle ensues with Sam in the thick of it battling hard for possession. Mere attack again but great defending by Pete saves the day. Mere are now in an attacking mood but successive attacks are thwarted by Josh and by Pete. Yet another Mere corner follows which is cleared this time by Ryan.
Great work in a midfield by Josh leads to a Malmesbury attack, Ben battles for the ball but a free kick is given. A great ball from midfield by Ryan to Jasper but the Mere keeper intercepts. Mere break out again with desperate defending from Malmesbury, Mere get a shot away but wide.
Mere withdraw a player due to injury and bring on a substitute.
Malmesbury decide to return to attack and win a corner. Ryan hits a great corner which whips through the 6 yard box but no one touches it. A gasp from the Malmesbury fans.
Malmesbury continue to attack Max shoots but the keeper collects the shot. Yet another Mere attack is interrupted by Pete followed by a strong clearance by Max. Some lovely passing in midfield by Malmesbury with a final ball to Charlie but he is given off-side. Malmesbury continue to attack and Mere concede a corner. A well weighted corner by Ryan into the box is headed in by Jasper.
GOAL 3 – 2

Malmesbury hold on to their lead and the referee blows the whistle for half time.
Half Time Score 3 – 2
Malmesbury side remains unchanged and the referee blows his whistle and the second half starts.
Malmesbury continue in an attacking mood, Josh passes to Charlie who hits a gorgeous ball to Ryan who is in on goal but Mere clear the danger. Mere break out into attack and Malmesbury lose the ball at the back, and Mere striker gathers the ball shoots and scores.
GOAL 3 – 3

Malmesbury respond with a great through ball from Ryan to Jasper but again Mere’s defence clears the danger. Mere break out from defence and following a surging run score. A groan from the home fans are as Mere take the lead.
GOAL 3 – 4

Mere continue in an attacking mood and Malmesbury are under pressure and at the back but Jo, Angus, Pete and Max are resolute in defence and they break out to relieve the danger.
Sam is withdrawn and George returns to the fray. Malmesbury go on the attack with a surging run from Pete but he is fouled and Malmesbury are awarded a free kick. Ryan takes the free kick over the bar for a goal kick to Mere. Mere attack and Malmesbury concede a free kick but this is cleared with a strong header from Peter.
A midfield battle ensues with a strong defensive play by Malmesbury. Malmesbury return to attack with several the probing runs the down the right wing by George but these are thwarted by a stout Mere defence.
Malmesbury attack again and Mere concede a corner. From the resulting attack Charlie collects the ball and hits a lovely curling shot in to the top corner, but is given offside – that must have been close!! Malmesbury need to go again.
Malmesbury win another free kick, a smart free kick through to Max who shoots but it is wide. Max is up for the fight and hits a lovely ball through to George who tries to make space to shoot but the Mere defence block him out. Mere break out again with a through ball but yet another tackle by Pete intercepts the danger. Mere are buzzing and break through the Malmesbury defence to leave their striker one on one with Harry but a great save by Harry. Malmesbury temporarily relieve the pressure with Jasper and George bearing down on the Mere keeper, who saves and concedes a corner. Ryan takes the resultant corner but Malmesbury don’t profit from this.
Malmesbury attack again and Mere concede a free kick, which Charlie takes, a great free kick but the keeper saves. Malmesbury are on top and great pressure which leads to Charlie working some space for a shot, but again the keeper saves.
A great through ball from George to Jasper, but the Mere keeper is out quickly and collects the ball. Malmesbury are pushing hard now!!
Another surging run through the middle by Jasper and Mere concede a corner. Charlie whips a good ball in and Jasper scores on the rebound. The Malmesbury fans are elated.
GOAL 4 – 4

Malmesbury continue to attack down the right wing with neat interplay between Charlie & George, George crosses into the box but the Malmesbury attackers can’t quite get there. Malmesbury go again, and Ryan work some space and scores with a sweet strike.
GOAL 5 – 4

Malmesbury are ahead but Mere haven’t given up, they attack but a great tackle by Angus stops the threat on the Malmesbury goal. Max is fired up and continues to battle in midfield. Malmesbury attack through Ben and Ryan who carve out a shooting chance but saved. The game swings and Mere attack and their striker nets but is given offside. The Malmesbury fans are nervous!!
Another great clearance by Angus relieves the pressure of another Mere attack. Josh is withdrawn from midfield and Sam return. Malmesbury push again this time Ben takes a speculative shot in to the side netting. The battle in midfield continues with Sam winning a throw in by pressuring the Mere defender.
The referee blows the final whistle! The Malmesbury fans have been put through the usual emotional ringer.
Final Score 5 – 4
A great battling and skilful performance by Malmesbury, congratulations to all the players and the coaches.
Next game 23rd November 2014 Bradford Town vs Malmesbury vs Malmesbury Youth FC U14 South.

Match Report by: Chris Cain