Malmesbury Youth FC U14 South vs Chippenham Youth White U14 – 16th November 2014

The Malmesbury team:
Goalkeeper: ​Peter
Defenders: ​Joe, Angus, Jack, Tyler
Midfield: ​Ben, Charlie, Josh, Max
Attack: ​​George, Jasper
Substitutes: ​Ryan, Sam
Squad update: ​Dan is unavailable due to injury.
Coaches: ​Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Linesman: ​Andy Booth (replaced late in game by Steve Chivers)
Catering by: ​Julie Cain

Malmesbury are without Harry in goal who is unavailable and Pete steps up to the plate and volunteers to go in goal.
The early game swings to and fro with both sides in attacking mood, a great tackle by Angus stops one Chippenham attack. Chippenham break out quickly, shoot and score.
GOAL: ​0 – 1
Early on the first half Tyler is withdrawn due to injury and Ryan is on. The game continues with both sides in attacking mood. Another attack by Chippenham is stopped by a strong clearance by Joe to clear the danger. Malmesbury push forward and win a free kick on the edge of the Chippenham box. Jasper steps up and hits a low hard ball in the bottom right and scores.
GOAL:​ 1 – 1
The game continues with neither side in total control, the battle rages in midfield with stout defence by the Malmesbury defence with Joe, Angus, Max & Jack in the thick of it. A lovely ball from Jack to Jasper who is on goal but doesn’t connect. Malmesbury attack with a cross from George to Charlie who thumps the ball but it comes back off the bar and Chippenham clear the danger.
Half Time Score: 1 – 1
The coaches make a change, George is withdrawn and Sam joins the game.
The second half continues as the first half finished with the sides evenly matched. So lovely interplay between Josh, Charlie and Jasper down the right wing but Chippenham stop the threat. Max and Angus work in tandem to stop one early Malmesbury attack. Chippenham attack with the attacker one on one with Pete and score.
GOAL 1 – 2
Malmesbury haven’t given up and go on the attack and after several attacks, Max surges down the left wing and wins a corner. The corner is struck by Charlie and Ben connects with his head and scores.
GOAL 2 – 2
The game thunders on as period of seesaw play follows, Malmesbury concede a free kick on the edge of their box. A well taken free kick by Chippenham is chipped high towards the Malmesbury goal and Pete gets there but can’t keep it out.
GOAL 2 – 3
Malmesbury have to go again, they are still in the game. Malmesbury continue to attack, Ryan picks up the ball in midfield and a combination of skill and strength beats numerous Chippenham defenders, strikes and scores.
GOAL 3 – 3
Malmesbury are back on equal terms and their tails are up. Malmesbury attack with Ben battling, the ball comes back to Charlie who takes a lovely long range shot and scores.
GOAL 4 – 3
The first time in the game Malmesbury are in the lead and continue to press. A lovely ball by Sam sets Malmesbury on the attack again. Malmesbury sustain the pressure and attack down the right, Charlie receives the ball near to the corner flag, looks up and lobs the ball over the keeper.
Jasper is withdrawn and George returns.
GOAL 5 – 3
Chippenham haven’t given up and go on the attack, hit the ball though midfield and are one on one with Pete, shoot and score.
GOAL 5 – 4
The Malmesbury fans are now nervous again.
Late on the game Angus is withdrawn due to serious injury.
Malmesbury continue to defend and hang on to their lead until Max makes a strong clearance and the referee finally blow his whistle.
A huge sigh of relief from the Malmesbury fans.
Final Score 5 – 4
Yet another thrilling game with Malmesbury being behind three times before finally taking the lead and hanging on for a 5 – 4 victory. A thoroughly entertaining game to watch, great battling and skilful performances by both teams, congratulations to all the players and the coaches.
Man of the Match: Josh Waller – for his resolute and skilful performance in midfield.
Next up Bradford, COY reds.
Next game 23rd November 2014 Bradford Town U14 V Malmesbury Youth FC U14 South.

Match Report by: Chris Cain