Malmesbury South (U14) v Bath Arsenal (U14) – U14 League Cup Final – 10th May 2015 at Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham.

The Malmesbury South team:

Goalkeeper: Harry
Defenders: Jack, Angus, Max, Pete
Midfield: Ben, Charlie, Josh, Kyle
Attack: Ryan, Jasper
Substitutes: Dan and George
Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Referee: Megan Frear

On this pleasant spring afternoon at Hardenhuish Park Chippenham the eagerly awaited League Cup Final between Division Two Winners Malmesbury versus top of Division One Bath Arsenal.

Due to a strip clash Malmesbury are in a changed strip of green shirts and black shorts with Bath Arsenal in their usual strip of red shirts and shorts.
The referee blows her whistle and the game kicks off.

Bath start in an attacking mood, Angus intercepts an early attack, Bath push again this time Pete clears the danger. Bath break out and are in on goal but shoot high.

Angus relieves the pressure and knocks a great ball to Ben who sets off goal-wards but the defender clears. Ryan collects the ball hits a great cross into the middle, Jasper controls and is just about to pull the trigger but the defender clears. Bath make a high speed break out down the left, knock the ball in to the middle and score. GOAL.
0 – 1

Bath continue to press, in on goal, shoot but Harry collects. Bath go again but this time shoot high.
Malmesbury survive the pressure, push forward and win a free kick. Ryan takes and knocks it into the box, Ben connects with his head but wide. Ooh that was close.

Bath return to the attack, but determined defending by Malmesbury keep them out. In the next attack Malmesbury don’t clear the danger and Bath score. GOAL.
0 – 2

Malmesbury respond, Pete knocks the ball down the right to Ben who wins a corner. Ryan takes and knocks the ball in but Jasper can’t quite connect. Malmesbury push again, Kyle hits a long ball through the middle to put Jasper in a footrace with the keeper but the keeper is out quickly to clear.

Bath go again, but great defensive work by Jack and Pete stop the attack, the next attack is stopped by a strong clearance by Kyle.

Neat interplay between Kyle and Charlie make progress down the left, but out for a goalkick.

Bath return to attack, again great defending by Josh clears the danger. Bath break out and are quickly in goal but shoot wide. Several Bath attack follow but committed Malmesbury defence hold them out, with Harry at the top of his game. In the next attack Angus is alert to the danger and intercepts the ball and knocks it out. Bath push again but Josh intercepts and clears.

Pete set an attack down the right to Jasper, Jasper is in on goal, shoots but keeper saves.

Ben is withdrawn and George is on.

Bath look like they are in on goal but Angus makes a great recovery tackle. Bath push again this time Jack makes a very timely tackle and Harry collects. Bath continue to press but George intercepts a pass to clear the danger.

The referee blows her whistle for half time.

Half Time Score 0 – 2

Malmesbury kick off and early in the half nearly get themselves into trouble at the back but Harry collects. Malmesbury break out from defence, Pete to Charlie, Charlie to Jasper but he can’t quite collect. Bath make a quick attack and are around the Malmesbury defence but Harry comes out strongly to collect.

Josh is withdrawn and Ben is back on.
George passes to Pete, Pete to Jasper but Bath defender makes a great tackle. Several Bath attacks follow, but Harry continues to keep them out.

Kyle and Ben work well together down the left but Bath stop the attack.
Ryan off and Dan is on.

Great battling by Max in midfield wins the ball and pushes forward but Bath defence holds firm. This time Jack pushes forward and wins a free kick, Charlie takes but again Bath clear.
Bath surge forwards for what looks like a certain goal, but hit the post and Malmesbury clear. Bath go again but solid defensive work by Angus, Dan & Pete clear the danger.

Malmesbury push forward and win a free kick, Charlie takes but Bath defence clear. Malmesbury go again leading to a speculative shot by Jasper but keeper collects. This time Max passes to Jasper who shoots but keeper collects.
Bath return to attack down the right but again Angus clears the danger. Malmesbury break out with a lovely ball from Max to Jasper, who shoots but keeper saves. Bath push forward again and are in on goal but great defending by Pete stops the attack.
Bath continue to press and break through the middle and shoot, Harry dives but the shot is wide. Angus and work together to win the ball and free kick to relieve the pressure of another Bath attack.

Both Charlie and George make good clearance to relieve yet another Bath attack. Charlie collects the ball and knocks forward to Jasper but the Bath defence a quick to clear the danger. Bath break out quickly and get around Harry, but Pete is alert to the danger and clears.
Charlie passes to George, George to Ben, who crosses to the middle for Jasper but the defence intercepts.
Both teams continue to battle in midfield with Bath conceding a free kick and their player being shown a yellow card by the referee.
Bath return to the attack and surge forward, shoot but Harry saves again. Bath press again scrambled defence by Malmesbury with Dan and George in the thick of it, and Harry makes a brave challenge at the foot of the Bath attacker to collect. Bath push again and are one on one with Harry but Harry roars out to collect.
After a short period of further play the referee blows her whistle to bring the game to a close.


Man of the Match: Harry – as selected by FA representative, well deserved Harry an awesome performance.

Congratulations to both team for a hard fought and entertaining game, commiseration to Malmesbury but all the players and coaches can be very proud of their efforts as can be the vocal Malmesbury supporters.

The successful league season comes to a close, now on to the summer tournaments –

COY Reds