At Leafy Lane, Corsham (neutral ground).

The Malmesbury U14 South team:

Goalkeeper: Harry
Defenders: Jack, Dan, Pete
Midfield: Max, Kyle, Ben, Charlie, Josh
Attack: Jasper, Ryan
Substitutes: Angus

Squad update: George and Tyler are still unavailable due to injury.

Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy Waller

On a sunny but cool day at Leafy Lane Corsham Malmesbury South return to cup action after their win last time out in the Cup against Alderbury. Today’s game is against Amesbury from Division One in the semi-final of the cup at this neutral ground.
The early exchanges are even as the sides wrestle for superiority. Malmesbury take charge creating several chances including a lovely ball from Charlie to Ryan who shoots but wide. Amesbury’s keeper kicks out but Jasper collets, shoots and scores. GOAL
1 – 0
Malmesbury continue to press, with great work from Josh, Pete and Max in midfield. Malmesbury attack again with Jasper in on goal but offside.
Dan is withdrawn as he is unwell, Angus joins the fray in defence.
Amesbury break out from defence, in on goal shoot and score.
1 – 1
Malmesbury return to attack, Kyle chips a ball to Ben, in on goal shoots but high. Oh close.
Lovely ball from Josh to Jasper in on goal but keeper saves. Another great ball from Charlie to Jasper who is in on goal, but great Amesbury defending clears the danger. The game continues with Malmesbury free kick which Kyles takes into the danger area but Malmesbury can’t prosper. The battle continue in midfield with determined play by Angus and Jack.
Half time arrives with the game finely balanced at 1 – 1.
The second half kick and an early Malmesbury attack is led by Jack who surges down the left wing, but Amesbury clear the danger. Amesbury break out and are in on goal but shoot wide. Malmesbury return to the attack, sharp pass from Charlie to Jasper who shoots and nets but is given offside.
Amesbury return to the attack but Angus kills off the initial danger, Pete intercepts the ball and clears up field to safety. Amesbury continue their pressure and win a free kick, but Harry collects from the free kick. Amesbury win another corner but again Harry collects.
After a period of sustained defence Malmesbury make a quick break out, Charlie to Ryan who shoots but keepers, ball rebounds to Jasper who scores. GOAL
2 – 1
Amesbury are still in this and win a free kick which they knock in to the box but shoot wide. Malmesbury again turn defence in to attack and break out, Jasper takes a long range shot and scores. A hat trick for Jasper. GOAL
3 – 1
Amesbury resistance continues with a quick break out, in on goal but shoot wide. Several Amesbury attacks follow but continued stout defence by Malmesbury means they don’t concede, including a lovely headed clearance by Pete. Amesbury win a free kick in a dangerous position, which is well struck hits the bar with Harry stranded. Oh that was close.
Malmesbury return to the attack having been under pressure for a while. Great tackle in midfield by Josh wins possession. Neat pass from Jasper to Max but keeper wins foot race.
Jack surges down the left wing but a great defensive tackle stops his progress. However Amesbury keeping pushing but Malmesbury stick to their defensive duties with some great defensive play by Angus and Kyle. In the final stages of the game Jack makes a great clearance to Jasper who is in on goal, shoots and scores, that’s four for Jasper today. GOAL
4 – 1
The referee blows his whistle and brings to an end a well contested game.
Congratulations to Malmesbury on a fine performance now on to the final versus Bath Arsenal.

Next game is in the league, Trowbridge v Malmesbury South – 29th March 2015 2pm at Trowbridge.

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