We were delighted to hold another international match here at the Red Bull Football Pitches, versus Ferienfussball.

This was the final game here for the current Ferienfussball group, before they travel home, to make way for the next group.

They wanted to finish with a test, and that they got. Two very different playing styles, which is great for us coaches on the sideline. Giving us a chance to see different styles is great for our coaching development.

After 70 mins of football, we saw two goals, but no winner. With light fading, we opted for a further 5min each way extra time period. It became clear that both teams wanted their monies worth……….Penalties.

This was a real upset. All Ferienfussball penalties saved by the outstanding, Man of the Match Goalkeeper. All MYFC penalties scored! (to be fair, the keeper was 12, in a massive goal)

England win on penalties!………………Have I got that right?

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