Our final two international matches.

That is it for our summer internationals here at the Red Bull Football Pitches. 10 matches in total. Involving visitors from Seattle, Spain, Germany and a few more too. And of course the home MYFC teams, made up of players from our U/11, U/12, U/13, U,14 & U/15. Not bad for a small little town in Wiltshire.

The first two weeks of games versus the Ferienfussball teams finished – played 3, MYFC 1 win, Ferienfussball 2 wins.

We finished our four weeks of internationals with tonight’s games. A 9v9 game – MYFC u/12 tornadoes & u/14 south v Ferienfussball and an 11v11 game – MYFC U/14 north & u/15 v Ferienfussball XI.

The 9v9 game looked fairly even in the first half. But the visitors quickly settled into the game and took full control. Finishing with the win.

The 11v11 game produced two very different styles of football. A lot of defending from one team and a passing and moving master class from the other. The difference between the two teams was a lack of shooting quality from one team and a quick counter attack from another. The counter attack leading to the only and winning goal. If its good enough for Chelsea, its good enough for MYFC.

The final two weeks of games versus the Ferienfussball teams finished – played 6, MYFC 3 wins, Ferienfussball 3 wins.

Over the four weeks – played 9, MYFC 4 wins, Ferienfussball 5 wins.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this year a real success.

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