The second Ferienfussball group have arrived…….In numbers! which means for the next three scheduled nights, we can hold tow games per night. International matches 4&5.

Last night was our first attempt at holding two international matches simultaneously, and what a night of football. An 11v11 match and a 9v9 match.

The 11v11 match saw ferienfussball take on a team made up of MYFC u/14 south and MYFC u/15 players.
Again, two very different styles of football. played at high tempo and with plenty of passion.
A convincing win for the MYFC team in this match, with the MYFC striker proving too quick and too good at finding the net. Ferienfussball have promised to work hard on the training pitch, ready for Tuesdays rematch. Can Ferienfussball come back and take the win? If ferrienfussball cancel out the tactics of the MYFC team, can they adapt?

The 9v9 match. MYFC u/13 v ferienfussball. The MYFC team was made up of five new players for the 2015/16 season. A great pre season game for them to show us what they could offer the team.
Based on the way this MYFC played, and paying close attention to the new players, the upcoming 2015/16 season will be a belter! A convincing win for this MYFC team too.

Just to add, another missed Ferienfussball penalty tonight! that makes five in five games, but who is counting!

Looking forward to Tuesday games.

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