In this second coaches spotlight, we feature the Under 8 Head Coach: Jamie Whatcott.

Ray Sanderson
Steve Coleman
Andy Thompson
Lara Chapman
Janet Jenkins
Dave Buckley
Amanda Douglas
Helen Wallace
Helen Wallace
Steve Coleman
Dave Picter
Marion Picter
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Dave Buckley
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Jamie Whatcott
Neil Witchard
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Mark Hull
Martin Allmann
Hugo Armitage
Paul Gray
Kenny Muir
Steve Coleman
Jake Richings
Which football team do you support?Arsenal and Malmesbury Youth FC
What is your favourite food?Chinese
Who/what inspires you?My Granddad (he epitomises what I want to be)
What is your favourite song?Prodigy – Breathe or Start the Dance
What is your favourite film?The Godfather Trilogy
What is your favourite place you have visited?San Francisco