Chippenham Town Youth (U14) White V Malmesbury South (U14) – 29th April 2015 at Stanley Park, Chippenham.

The Malmesbury South team:

Goalkeeper: Harry
Defenders: Jack, Angus, Dan, Pete (Captain)
Midfield: Ben, Charlie, Josh, Kyle
Attack: Ryan, Jasper
Substitutes: Max and George
Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Linesman: Andy Booth

On this pleasant spring evening at Stanley Park Chippenham for this final game of the season.
The referee blows his whistle and the game kicks off.
Malmesbury mount an early attack, Josh shoots but keeper saves, Malmesbury win a corner. Ryan takes and knocks the ball in to the middle to Jasper who heads and scores. GOAL.
0 – 1

Malmesbury keep the pressure on, with Kyle in on goal but keeper collects.
Malmesbury go again and win a corner. Charlie takes, it reaches Ryan who knocks back in to middle, Pete heads but keeper saves but concedes corner. Kyle knocks corner in to the middle, Josh heads but comes back off the post, but Josh heads again to score. GOAL
0 – 2

Chippenham go on the attack but Harry is alive to the danger and collects.
Sweet ball by Josh to Kyle, who shoots but wide. Chippenham return to the attack but Josh battles in midfield and wins possession. Malmesbury go again great ball from Ryan to Jasper, but keeper saves.
Chippenham break out on the attack, shoot but Harry saves. The game swings, Ryan to Kyle, Kyle shoots but over the bar. Malmesbury continue to press and win another corner, Charlie takes in to the middle of the box, Josh shoots but over the bar.
Chippenham push forward shoot but Harry collects. Chippenham go again, shoot but Harry saves and collects the ball a second time. Angus is in the thick of this defensive action making crucial clearances.
Malmesbury put pressure on Chippenham again and win a free kick. Charlie takes and knocks it in to the box, Jasper heads but wide.
Chippenham push forward and win a free kick but Dan clears the danger.
Great battling by Angus in midfield to win the ball and relieve the pressure from Chippenham. Chippenham break out and are away but Jack makes a great sprinting recovery to stop the attack. Chippenham push again and beat Harry to the ball, but a magnificent tackle by Pete stops what looks like a certain goal. Chippenham knock the ball in to the box but Dan heads clear.
Chippenham continue in attacking mood, but Jack shepherds the ball back so that Harry can collect safely.
Ben relieves the pressure and breaks out using neat close control to beat a Chippenham player but runs out of space on the right.
Chippenham make the final attack of the half and knock the ball into the box, Harry parries it out and Pete knocks it to safety.


The coaches make some changes Josh & Ryan are withdrawn and Max and George are on.
Malmesbury return to attacking mood, George knocks ball through the middle but keeper collects. Kyle chips a ball for Jasper to chase but keeper collects again.
The games swings, Chippenham attack and take a speculative long range shot but Harry collects. Chippenham go again but Angus clears.
Great battling by Max wins the ball in midfield, followed by neat through ball by George but Chippenham clear. Chippenham push forward but Dan intercepts to stop the attack.
The Chippenham keeper is out of his goal and Pete takes a long range shot but keeper collects. Malmesbury push forward and win a free kick. Malmesbury knock the ball in to the box, Jasper shoots but just wide. Pete breaks out from defence sends a long ball for Charlie and Ben to chase, but Chippenham defender does well to recover and clear. Malmesbury go again, Max knocks a lovely ball in to the box but Chippenham clear.
Chippenham return to the attack and win a corner but Harry collects.
Malmesbury return to the attack with a lovely cross from George to Jasper who tries an audacious overhead kick but doesn’t connect.
George down the left to Charlie, who crosses the ball to the middle to Ben who heads but just high. Kyle picks the ball up in midfield shoots but just high. Pete breaks out from the back to Ben, Ben surges down the right and is on goal, shoots but just wide. Ooh close.
Malmesbury continue to press, good work by Ben and Charlie win a corner. Great corner by Max in to the middle, Jasper heads and scores. GOAL
0 – 3

Chippenham are still battling and make a quick break out and are in on goal, the Chippenham attacker cracks the ball and hits cross bar and over.
Jasper off and Ryan back on.
Malmesbury return to the attack and win a corner. Max knocks it in, Charlie shoots but hits the post. Chippenham attack but Angus clears the danger.
Ben goes again with a great surging run, in on goal shots but just wide.
Ben off Josh back on.
Chippenham break out and look like they are in on goal but Harry roars out to knock it clear, great work Harry.
Malmesbury go again, Charlie and Ryan battle in midfield, Charlie steps up and hits a sweet long range shot to score. GOAL
0 – 4

After a short period of further play the referee blows his whistle to bring the game to a close.


Congratulations to Malmesbury on great team performance to win the game and the league.

Next is the final game of the season, the cup final U14 Bath Arsenal v Malmesbury South at 3.30 pm on 10th May 2015 at Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham.

COY Reds